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Why Choose Sproutpoint?

Customized Strategic Marketing System™

We focus on determining the strategy that works best for YOUR business and then build a customized marketing system to help you grow and dominate your market.

Scientific Marketing Formula

Instead of focusing on creativity or the latest Internet silver-bullet, we use a scientific formula based on the physiology and psychology of your customer (Yes, there is science behind marketing!)

Results-driven Process (not commissions)

If your marketing efforts don’t bring you results, the last thing you should do is to pour more money into it. Our goal is simple: To get you RESULTS. And the more the merrier!

Comprehensive Approach

Through the use of proven direct-response strategies, combined with the latest digital marketing technology, we build a cohesive system where all elements – from lead-generation to sales – are fully integrated to maximize your results.

Marketing Automation

We simplify your marketing and sales process by implementing a fully automated system using the most advanced technology, making it easier for you and your team to execute each step of the process.


You don’t need to have a new widget or new technique. Our program will innovate your business by using strategies that highlight the uniqueness of your products and services.

Why Do Business With Us?

At SproutPoint™ we combine the core and most advanced marketing elements to create a customized system that simply works! We focus on marketing strategy (i.e. what you need to say, who you will say it to) FIRST and then we work on the tactics (how the strategy will be delivered).

Most “marketers” do the opposite! They try to sell you tactics (ads, social media services or a website) without focusing on the essential elements of your marketing strategy. The result is a fragmented marketing process that is doomed to fail. At SproutPoint™ we never let that happen.

Once we determine the best strategy and the right tactic specific for YOUR business, we build your CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM and automate it for you.

I was a bit nervous but also anxious to get things going. Your methodical approach helped me organize my goals, control my marketing anxiety and stay on track. The very first month I implemented your suggestions, the number of consultations more than doubled.

G. Alvarez, MD

I was looking for someone with the knowledge and the tools necessary to help me follow my dream of opening my own practice. I was afraid to fail and I did not know where to start. You gave me exactly what I needed.... Excellent!

M. Osaki, MD

I have known and worked with SproutPoint for a while and they have helped us really increase our conversions with their expertise!

Jason Swenk

Fernando has exploded the ROI on our marketing dollars spent. The first campaign he helped us put together yielded 3 new clients! We hesitated on working with him because like a lot of people, we’ve been burned by marketing gimmicks before. You don’t have to worry about that with Fernando, he’s the real deal and gets you real marketing results!

David W. Shepherd, Jr., CFP®Chief Investment Officer - Shepherd Wealth and Retirement

Meet Fernando

Dr Fernando Lamounier, is an international marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter, speaker and entrepreneur.

As a heart-surgeon and with an extensive background in healthcare he started his marketing journey helping physicians and dentists of different countries and specialties grow their practices through his Medical Marketing Academy™ program.

He realized that all businesses, regardless of their niche, had similar challenges and that the strategies he had learned, tested and perfected, when customized for each business’ situation, were equally successful.

But doing everything manually was a lot of work, and Fernando became an “automation freak”.

He then made his mission to help you, the small and midsize business owner (within or outside the healthcare industry) grow your business through the implementation of a Strategic Marketing System™ that combines advanced direct response marketing strategies with the most up-to-date digital media resources and automation technology.

If you are looking for a down-to-earth marketing strategist, who will speak a language that you will understand, and give you the peace of mind that the right system will be custom-built to help you grow your business, Fernando is your guy!


Regardless if your business is a solo practice, a biotech start-up, a muti-specialty clinic or a hospital system you know that “outsiders” don’t really understand the complexity and peculiarities of healthcare. SproutPoint™ is under the leadership of a practicing physician, so you get an insider perspective on all your marketing needs to get you real results.

Small-Midsize Business

One of the deadly mistakes in marketing is to copy billion-dollar companies. Whether you are a small or midsize company, you need a sound, effective, automated and equally affordable marketing system built upon a strategy that highlights its uniqueness, deliver results and help you grow your business to the next level. At SproutPoint™ that is exactly what you get!

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