Making 2012 an Amazing Year!

By December 31, 2011Marketing

I don’t know about yours, but my 2011 was quite a ride!

I had great moments and very bad ones. I had times when I wanted to give it all up, tough moments that deprived me of time with my family, time to rest, time to have fun, time to make money, time to pray, time to simply be. Moments that made me ask myself: What are you doing this for?

Fortunately those were intertwined with wonderful moments and accomplishments in all areas of my life.
Seeing my now 3-1/2 year-old son grow, learn new skills, laugh, run towards me when I come home late only to find him awake waiting for me was absolutely priceless. My wife and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary, and each and every day we become closer to each other. I was able to launch my e-book and with your help get SproutPoint going. Starting a company requires a huge amount of energy. Way beyond what I thought. That was a 5 year project that finally took shape. Although SproutPoint is in its infancy and we have a looong way to go, I have received great feedback. The feeling of being able to help people like you is just indescribable. Thank you for the opportunity!

I also had some tough times. A few months ago, my father lost his battle against lung cancer. Despite the sadness of the moment, I was very fortunate to be at his bedside, giving my love and support to him and my family.  I remember sitting at his bedside, holding his hand and in the silence of the room, experience my mind race with flashbacks of moments we had together… Life is really funny. As a cardiac surgeon, I deal with potential life and death situations on a daily basis, but things are quite different when you are “on the other side.”

All in all, it was a good year and I am grateful for the life I have. Despite the bumps on the road, a lot was accomplished. Not by accident, but by a constant, unrelenting pursue of the goals I have established for myself as an individual and goals my wife and I have established for us as a family. Someone once said (paraphrasing) “It is OK to think about giving up, provided that you don’t!” I am glad I continue to pursue my goals.

Goal setting unfortunately has been portrayed as something mundane and “woo woo” reserved for late hour TV infomercials. Goals for some have become just simple “nice to have’s” and not reaching them are now considered to be totally OK. Not for me. Life is too short. I like to dream and dream big, and from that I set my short and long-term goals. I make my wife’s goals as mine and together we march forward. When setting my goals I constantly ask myself two key questions:

Why not?!
Why not me?!

Coach Lou Holtz once said “The only thing that will change you from where you are today to where you will be in five years from now are the people you meet, the dreams you dream, and the books you read.” I think there is a key ingredient missing that I would like to add: The ACTIONS you take.

As a new year is just hours away from it’s first dawn most of us reflect upon the year that comes to an end. We get filled with hopes and desires that will bubble up inside us. That is a prime moment to TAKE ACTION. Seize the opportunity. Get a piece of paper and a pen, or your laptop or iPad and write down the things you have accomplished and are proud of, mistakes you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned from them. Then write down your wildest dreams and what you TRULY want to accomplish and ask yourself these two questions:

Why not?!
Why not me?!

Then write down the first three actions you will take THIS WEEK towards accomplishing that.

Desire is the beginning of all achievement. Talk is cheap! Take action TODAY, start right now and have the courage to make 2012 your best year EVER!!!

I wish you and your family a Wonderful 2012! May you have the courage, the determination and the confidence to pursue your dreams!

For your success,


Fernando Lamounier, MD

P.S. Take 10 minutes of your time and watch this video!

It is not mine but I have successfully used the strategies Don presents.

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