How to Get Powerful Testimonials

By June 20, 2012Marketing

In the era of social media frenzy, social proof has become the new currency. Most people would not buy anything, go to a restaurant or buy a car without first researching the internet for reviews, testimonials and opinions. In medicine, things are no different.

Social proof is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tool any business can use. Even Doctors! Why?

Because what others say about you, regardless if it is right or wrong, is 10 times more powerful than what you say about yourself. And powerful testimonials can be the difference between a scheduled appointment with you and not with your competitor.

Do you know how to ask for testimonials professionally without making your patient feel uncomfortable? Do you know what a testimonial should have to be influential? Do you know what to do with the testimonials after you get them?

To answer these and many other questions that will help you get powerful testimonials download my FREE report “How to Create Powerful Testimonials.”

How much would the report be worth to you if it helps you get one more patient a month for the rest of the year?  I hope it will help you get many more than that. Besides, this report is FREE.

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