Why your marketing may never work..and what you can do about it

By August 15, 2012Marketing

Have you ever heard that “good doctors don’t have to advertise!”?  Or are you interested in  doing “some marketing” but in the back of your mind you are asking yourself:

If I advertise will my colleagues think less of me? or

If they don’t agree with my advertisement will they stop referring patients?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, don’t feel bad. I hear that a lot! Although we all would like to get a busy practice with high paying patients, most of us are afraid to advertise. So the question is Why?

Why do we want to be successful in what we do but are afraid to take the necessary steps that can dramatically improve our results? Are these thoughts justifiable?

We all have seen many “less-than-professional” advertisements that would support those thoughts for sure. But we should not let “a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel!” What do I mean?

By providing the right kind of advertising message we can strongly influence our colleagues to refer more often, strengthen existing referral relationships and open the door to new ones. If your goal is to provide high-quality care that is patient-focused, your marketing campaign should reflect that. In other words:

Done properly, ethically and professionally good advertisement should boost referral and help you build your reputation.

But lets go back to the questions  hidden in the back of our minds and go a little deeper. Why do we think that way?

Because these are old concepts that although they are not applicable in today’s highly competitive environment anymore (not sure if they ever were) they are ingrained deeply in our brains. In modern high-performance psychology lingo that is called thought-files orpast-programming. These old files are registered deeply in our subconscious mind and they guide our thoughts, our behavior and consequently our results in EVERYTHING we do in life. Yes, everything! Including our marketing and advertising. And to make it worse if not eliminated these files will linger there forever like a chronic disease! They will get in our way and prevent us from implementing new ideas and achieving the results we want in life.

How do we eliminate these bad files?

Our brains are just like computers and we can fully control what type of file goes in, and which files we move to the trash bin when they are old, corrupt, infected by a virus or simply not applicable anymore. So to get rid of these old thought-files, all we have to do is replace them with new files that will put our thoughts (and actions) back in the right direction.

It may sound self-serving but my suggestion to you is to take courses or seminars and read books or blog posts like this one. Also study and model successful people. Success is a skill, not a random event.  Invest time, money and energy in yourself first instead of trying to find the next “silver bullet” or “shinny object”.

Keep that in mind next time you are willing to buy a book, enroll on a course or invest in your marketing and you hear that annoying voice whispering doubt and fear in your ear. Simply ignore it and push forward! Take the plunge!

Replace all information in your subconscious mind that is not supportive of your values, your services and your goals, roll up your sleeves and go build the practice you dream of. I will be here to help you along the way…

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