Read this…or die! And I really mean it!

By November 26, 2012Blog

I am not kidding! I am actually dead serious…

As a cardiothoracic surgeon I deal with people in very advanced or terminal stages of different types of disease (diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, COPD, lung cancer, metastatic cancer) that in one way or the other translate into different degrees of heart or lung disease that requires surgical care. And that is when they are lucky! Simply because, as in heart attack patients, 30% will die before any sort of treatment saves their lives. Yep. No previous signs of disease, no known high cholesterol, no previous chest pain, nothing… Lights off! Game Over!

I urge you, beg you, plead with you to watch the video below for your own sake and the health of your family. No one is selling or asking for anything. This video can (and should) change your life and the life of your family forever!

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