How to increase your Facebook Ad response by 528%!

By July 15, 2013Marketing
 Most people use the spaghetti approach to marketing: They throw something at the wall to see if it sticks.

To get good results in marketing, besides implementing a well thought out system, instead of putting all the money you can in one advertisement, it is very important that you TEST IT FIRST.

Here is a real life example to illustrate it: As part of a marketing system for a plastic surgeon we created a Facebook Ad campaign. Instead of throwing all the money into it, we first tested it. How?

I designed two different ads: I used exactly the same headline and the same copy (the text that goes in the ad) but two different images. By doing that I could isolate which picture would convert better.

Why focus on the picture?

Remember there is a big difference between placing ads on Facebook vs Google, as people are not looking for you. In other words, people need to be interrupted and attracted to your ad. So the picture is key! Play keno online and win jackpots!


Here is Ad 1


Facebook does not allow the use a close-up of a woman’s chest. So I thought I should test something that any woman could relate to. I tried to use something that would attract their attention. So I picked a bra that would be cute and very feminine.  (Although I dont think there is  such a thing as a masculine bra! :-). So I used a pink, push-up bra.



Here is Ad 2


According to Facebook Advertisement regulations showing an ideal body figure is not allowed. So I  followed the premise that a beautiful smiling woman is always a good choice.


In the first 24hrs of the campaign, one Ad generated 7 clicks, while the other generated 37 clicks. In other words one Ad converted 5 TIMES better than the other.

Not 5%.

Not 50%.

I’m talking about 528% better!!!

And we got those results simply because we tested a different picture.

Which one do you think did better?


Roll of Drums Please!!!!


Turns out that Ad 1 (the pink bra) was the winner.

Obviously after we got those results, we stopped the ad with less conversion and focused our campaign budget on the ad that did better and the clicks kept coming. :-)

Bottom line: Before risking all your hard-earned money into one strategy, test it first!

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