At SproutPoint™ we will simplify marketing and create an automated Strategic Marketing System™ to help you attract more clients, customers or patients; grow your business and position you as a leader in your market.


Strategic Marketing System™
(and a One Stop Shop)

The # 1 problem in marketing today is fragmentation where each piece of what is suppose to be a marketing system is created by a different team or agency.

The result is a disconnect between all the core elements which must work synergistically and in sync, leading to poor (or no) results, frustration and the need for do-overs (costing you double or triple).

At SproutPoint™ we design a comprehensive Strategic Marketing System™ created specifically for your business, ensuring that all elements work synergistically to maximize your results.


Focusing on tactical marketing first (ads, website, SEO, and social media) is a surefire way to fail. Why? Because the key element of any marketing strategy, which is frequently neglected, is your message.

At SproutPoint™ we deliver a compelling yet ethical message that magnetically attracts your customers, clients or patients and flat out SELLS! Regardless if it is a print or facebook ad, brochure, webinar or live presentation.


If you already have a marketing system in place that needs a tweak to improve results, or you want to execute it yourself but need guidance on what to do, and how to do it; we’ve got you covered.

Our exclusive one-on-one consulting program will give you all the knowledge, guidance and confidence you need to help you improve or implement your marketing system in a well-paced and properly planned way. Without you or your team feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

I was a bit nervous but also anxious to get things going. Your methodical approach helped me organize my goals, control my marketing anxiety and stay on track. The very first month I implemented your suggestions, the number of consultations more than doubled.

G. Alvarez, MD

I was looking for someone with the knowledge and the tools necessary to help me follow my dream of opening my own practice. I was afraid to fail and I did not know where to start. You gave me exactly what I needed.... Excellent!

M. Osaki, MD

I have known and worked with SproutPoint for a while and they have helped us really increase our conversions with their expertise!

Jason Swenk

Fernando has exploded the ROI on our marketing dollars spent. The first campaign he helped us put together yielded 3 new clients! We hesitated on working with him because like a lot of people, we’ve been burned by marketing gimmicks before. You don’t have to worry about that with Fernando, he’s the real deal and gets you real marketing results!

David W. Shepherd, Jr., CFP®Chief Investment Officer - Shepherd Wealth and Retirement

Free Video Workshop: What every entrepreneur must know about advanced online and offline marketing.

Learn the key marketing concepts EVERY entrepreneur needs to get results, regardless if you are doing yourself or hiring a consultant or an agency.

WARNING: After participating in this workshop,
you will never look at marketing the same way again!